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We live in the community we serve. A majority of the OPCA team, including the Board of Directors and management, are North Shore residents who seek to fulfill an unmet need in their community. 

On November 6 of 2012, 65% of Ipswich residents voted yes to legalize medical cannabis (link to site). These compassionate Massachusetts citizens recognize the relief medical cannabis offers to family, friends, and neighbors who have been diagnosed with debilitating medical conditions. For some patients, cannabis is a last resort therapeutic for chronic and life-threatening medical conditions.

Old Planters of Cape Ann, committed to serving our patients and the community of the North Shore.  

About Us
  • We offer a select and effective range of high quality strains.

  • We offer cannabis-infused products including tinctures, edibles, and topical therapies.

  • We invest in a unique cultivation process that is free of pesticides or fungicides.

  • We guarantee that products are tested in Massachusetts state-certified labs.

  • We support local elder care and veterans.

  • We help fund local drug abuse prevention programs.

  • We offer discount programs for qualifying patients.

  • We hire and train local residents to fill positions for quality, family-friendly jobs.


Our 20,000 square foot facility will be built at 59 Turnpike Road in Ipswich, Massachusetts on a 17-acre site with direct access from Route 1. With 17,000 square feet dedicated to our greenhouse, the additional 3,000 square feet will include a connected processing area and a convenient, universally-accessible patient center.

  • We are committed to an open and honest dialogue with community members.

  • We put safety and discretion first because privacy matters to our patients and our neighbors.

  • We recognize the importance of sustainable energy and are investing in it through our facility's unique design including water conservation and management.


Our security and safety protocols are all rigorously established and evaluated with patients, employees, neighbors, and the general public in mind.

  • The facility entrance is safe, discreet, and exclusively on Route 1.

  • Our state-mandated security protocols include 24-hour video surveillance inside and out.

  • We have an experienced security team with police and military backgrounds.


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Why is cannabis often referred to as "marijuana"?


Cannabis is a genus, or taxonomic rank, used to classify the flowering plant that is widely known as marijuana. While the use of cannabis in medicine has a fascinating and long history* the term marijuana did not becoming popular until the early 20th century in an effort to play off of anti-immigrant attitudes and aid the anti-cannabis movement**. For more information on this issue connect to the links below.

*Stack, P. with Suddath, C. (2009, October 29). A Brief History of Medical Marijuana. Retrieved from (,8599,1931247,00.html).


**Thompson, M. (2013, July 22) The Mysterious History of ‘Marijuana’. Retrieved from (


Why is it important to have a medical marijuana dispensary in my community?

Currently there are over 30,000 registered patients in the Commonwealth and only 10 registered marijuana dispensaries (RMDs), leaving thousands of patients underserved. The Commonwealth allows patients who are certified to use cannabis to treat cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, ALS, Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and other conditions. Safe, convenient and legal access for patients living in our community is at the core of our mission.


To learn more about patients in Massachusetts, please visit our friends at the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance

How does legalization of recreational cannabis use impact medical use?


Despite the recent legalization of recreational cannabis use in Massachusetts, OPCA is a medical marijuana business and clearly focused on serving the needs of patients. This includes offering a variety of strains, some of which will be low in THC and high in CBD which is not necessarily desirable in a recreational market. Additionally we will provide not only a range of potency, but also various methods of consumption to satisfy the scope of patient needs.

Additionally, medical cannabis is not subject to any sales tax per state law. The sales tax rate for recreational cannabis is currently being reviewed by the state. It is also yet to be determined what bans and/or restrictions local municipalities may put on recreational sales, potentially making access to recreational cannabis more restrictive than medical cannabis for a number of years to come.


How do I find a doctor who will talk to me about medical cannabis use?

There are many qualified health care providers throughout the state who can provide a certification to become a legal patient. Here are just a few with offices on the North Shore:

Canna Care Docs (Peabody):

Casco Bay Medical (Danvers):

MMJ Physician Practice (Salem):


How do I become a patient?

To learn more about becoming a registered medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts follow these instructions from the Department of Public Health:


What security precautions will be taken?

Our Chief Security Officer has 18 years of military and Department of Defense training and will implement all aspects of our state-mandated security system, procedures and training. Staff will be educated on Federal and State law and available to guide patients on how to consume responsibly.


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